• Do I have to be able to read music to have singing lessons?
    No. That’s the beauty of singing you can learn the songs aurally.
  • Am I too old for singing lessons?
    No, I teach all ages, as I believe everyone should sing.
  • How often should I have a lesson?
    As often as you can. I generally recommend once a week to start.
  • How long are the lessons?
    Half an hour is the normal length of lessons for children and an hour for adults.
  • How much is a lesson?
    £38 an hour or £19 for half an hour.
  • Where do you teach?
    At the current time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all lessons are taught online. I hope to return to  teaching at home in my music room soon.
  • Does it matter if I sound like a strangled cat?
    No! In fact the worse you sound the more you will improve. Try my Cat To Crooner challenge.

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