Benefits of Singing

Singing is…

  • good your soul.
  • good for your heart.
  • good for your health.
  • good for your posture.
  • good for voice.
Child singing with arms outstretched

Singing is Good!

Singing can help with various medical issues including asthma and other breathing problems, sleep apenea, heart problems, stress and many others.

Singing helps you deal with stress. It takes just 5 deep breaths to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure out of the stress danger zone. When you do a singing exercise you are taking at least 8 deep breaths as you work up the scale.

Singing produces the same endorphins  (the ‘feel good’ chemicals released from the brain) as exercise without getting sweaty. It has been found that singing either solo or as a group will improve your overall wellbeing. Basically you can’t be miserable when you sing, even if it is a sad song you’re singing, connecting with your emotions whilst you sing is a truly joyful experience. It will help you relax, as it is very hard to sing when you are tense.

Everyone can sing & everyone should sing.

When your favourite song comes on the radio do you turn it up and sing it at the top of your voice?  Or do you shy away from making too much noise because you’re worried about the sound that is going come out?

I can help with this.

When you’re asked to do a presentation at work do you relish the opportunity to stand up and get your point across? Or do you worry about it for weeks, feel sick on the day, terrified about standing up in front of all those people?

I can help with this too.

When you are invited to a wedding or funeral do you belt out Jerusalem or Love Devine with full voice? Or do you bury you head in the hymn book hoping that nobody will notice you mumblings?

I can help with this as well.

When you come to a singing lesson you won’t just learn how to sing a song. You will learn about your voice,  breathing, about posture, building confidence, musicality and much much more.

I teach all ages, as I believe everyone should sing. I tailor each lesson to suit you, whether you want to be able to sing your favourite song more confidently, stand up and sing karaoke on holiday without embarrassing your family, study for an exam or prepare for an audition I can help you achieve your goal.

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