“I can’t sing. It’s been a point of ridicule for many years. I approached this year with some big aims, and one was to find someone brave enough, and daft enough to help me sing!! When I started lessons, Jess was.. aherm supportive and encouraging, while fighting back the desperation and hopelessness from the task ahead of her! But she persisted.. and I did too, and I took the drills and skills she taught me and I worked (really hard I think!!) . Week by week I was encouraged supported and motivated to keep going. We worked and pushed and stretched my voice, extending my skills, and taking me SOOOOOO far out of my comfort zone there was no trail to follow home! Now I had planned to sing, 1 song 1 time, never to be repeated, on holiday in a karaoke. It didn’t happen, BUT I did sing it for my girlfriend, and I sang it a capella for a group of friends at the karaoke. Jess took me from not being able to sing any note correctly, to being able to sing EVERY note correctly, and then to being able to and having the confidence to do it a capella. I have no words for her remarkable achievement; nor for her patience, encouragement, support, excitement, and helping instil in me the sheer joy of singing properly! The only words I have are THANK YOU!”

Glen Lobo – Private pupil 2014

“Singing makes me feel happy and confident”

Kathryn Durancer – West End Wonders Workshop attendee

“I developed asthma at about the same time as starting singing lessons and I now enjoy the benefits I gain from learning to breathe better through singing. I am incredibly grateful for all that you have taught me. (I managed all of the descants to my favourite carols this Christmas without screeching – I have never managed this before.)  I think you are a very good singing teacher and I have learned an awful lot in the time I have been learning with you. Thank you.”

Catherine Burden – Private Pupil 2014

“Singing makes you feel so happy! It’s amazing how good singing is for the soul – in the right key of course!! Gone home happy and smiling.”

Clare Brown – Regular workshop  attendee

“Thanks for an enjoyable session. You will be delighted to know that I blasted out a number of songs driving up the motorway on the way home.”

Neil Sharp – Business Networking Event attendee

“The lady who did the audition said how much Charlee’s voice has improved since the last time she heard her. She was very impressed. It’s all thanks to you.”

Collette Jordan – Parent of current private pupil.