Cat to Crooner

Lady with eyes closed, fingers in her earsDo you family and friends ask you not to sing? Do they think you sound like a strangled cat?

Do you love singing but wish you could sing more like a crooner than a cat?

If you do then take up my Cat to Crooner Challenge.

Man singing into a microphoneNo matter what your friends and family think, you can be taught to sing.

Let me show you how in just 6 lessons.

It doesn’t matter how bad you sound, in fact the worse you sound the more you will improve.

  • 6 hour lessons paid for in advance and booked on arrangement.
  • £35 per lesson.
  • Vocal exercises will be demonstrated during the lessons to help with breathing, pitching, vocal tone and performance skills.
  • Sheet music of songs and vocal exercises issued must be brought to each lesson.
  • Practise of these exercises will be required between each lesson to develop the voice.

Lessons missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice will be chargeable, unless in exceptional circumstances.

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A Cat to Crooner pupil in action